About Us!

Hello! Meet the authors of this blog!

But first, meet our bikes! David's bike is a late 50s (1958/59?) red Thunderjet DeLuxe. Rebecca's bike is a blue early 60s (1961?) British Robin Hood.

David and Rebecca's bikes, hanging out at the beach

David and Rebecca's bikes hanging out at the park.

Hello! I'm David! I'm a morose, misanthropic, collector of toys and whatnot. If we met, you probably wouldn't remember me! That's fine, cause I wouldn't remember you either. Unless you punched me in the face. Then I would remember you.

Hello! I'm Rebecca! I suck at cooking but have a thing for vintage kitchenware. Pyrex, Franciscan, Cathrineholm, Eva Zeisel. You name it.  I also like Paint by Numbers but that doesn't make me weird.

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