Meet the Apartment!

Turquoise cone chair, red sofa, floor lamp, turntable

Bar with one good stool

Bar cart and magazine rack

50s and 60s drinking glasses with caddies

Scandalli accordion

Mostly vintage books and billiard balls in a jar

Wall of ray guns

Ray guns

Little kitchen table with yellow chairs and "daisy" lazy susan

Seeburg 200 wallbox and ice crushers

"Soda" clocks

Tiki lights and GE "lighted ice" colored lights

Soda bottles

Kellogg's mini ceral display shelf as spice rack

Switch to Squirt!

Powder blue kitchen canisters

Franciscan Starburst

Franciscan Starburst and Oasis


Pyrex dots and stripes

Wine rack

Cookbooks, cookie cutters in Planters jar, radio

Pink flamingos on refrigerator

Front room sitting area with Blaupunkt radio console/bar


Radio closeup

Platter Pak record boxes for 45s

Late 1950s RCA Deluxe portable TV

Marshmallow Sofa and Pioneer stereo

And black ottoman!

Corner window seat

View Master viewers and projectors

Front room

Platter Pak record boxes for albums

Toys, music, games

Record albums and whatnot

Transistor radios

Red Raven record with Magic Mirror

Mannequin heads and Texaco fire hat

Seeburg wallboxes

Gumball machines


Brother portable radio and 8-track
Paperback books

60s Starburst clocks


Room partition and little dresser

Vanity with mirror

Hallway Coca-Cola sign and gumball machines

Hallway decor


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