Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TV Today From A World of Tomorrow

Needing a gimmick to boost sales, Philco came out with a line of televisions that embraced the atomic age. With its round semi-flat screen and petite but fashionable base, this electronic miracle was advertised as 'TV today from a world of tomorrow'.

Philco's 1958 commercial claimed that you'll feel like you're looking at 1965 when you watch a Predicta. Oh, so futuristic! Don Draper would have been proud.

So of course we had to have one.

Our chance came when David purchased a 1959 model at a local flea market after haggling with the seller about its poor condition. Filthy is too flattering of a word to describe the condition this Philco was in. Entombed in grime is more like it.

As found
With some elbow grease and an arsenal of cleaning products our Philco transformed back to its original atomic shine. Well, at least on the outside. Despite a few tubes lighting up when we turned it on it does absolutely nothing. No noise, no static. Just a pretty reminder of once was. Ironically, I do feel like I am looking at 1965 whenever I watch it.

Philco Predicta 1959

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