Sunday, August 4, 2013

Raunchy Covers

Somethings are just so vulgar you end up buying them. Enough said.


My name is Rebecca and I am an Instagram addict. It started innocently. A few pictures taken here and there of everyday subjects. My meals. My feet. Cute animals.  Then I started doing themes. Old signs. Old buildings. Anything rusty.

Then it dawned on me. I could use Instagram to document our ever expanding collection of all things vintage.

A cool thing happened. People started following me. And not just my sister.

Majestic Table Lamp

Philco Town & Country

Vintage Games

My Love Continues...

The goal was to buy a birthday gift for David. I looked high and low for a vintage toy that he had not yet acquired. You think this would be simple enough but I live with a toy collector whose sole purpose is to buy back all the toys he played with in his youth. Since I did not know him then, I am usually at a loss.

Then I spotted it.

A mint condition Pyrex promotional balloon Cinderella bowl set.

Pyrex Promotional Balloon Cinderella Bowl Set

It was perfect. Well, for me that is.  I have been on the hunt for this puppy for years. The one time I ever stumbled up on it the bowl looked as if it survived a war with a dishwasher. You could barely make out the balloon print. Adding salt to the wound, the dealer wanted a fortune for it claiming its rarity as justification. I assumed he just smoked something he shouldn't have and walked away.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this on Etsy. This beauty was imported from Canada. I paid a pretty price and waited a month for it to arrive in the mail before I was able to hold it in my own arms.  It was love at first sight.

As for David's birthday gift, I cheated and had him select something for me to bid online. Luckily no one else really did so it was mine....well, his.

Type 1 Mego Batman

Type 1 Mego Batman action figure with metal joints. It is a cute little guy with original everything. Now I just need Robin.