Sunday, June 2, 2013

For The Love Of Collecting

Sexy Mannequins
Normal folk decorate. They acquire with purpose. They are inspired by design magazines or blogs. They seek functionality. They are drawn to color or texture. They have a plan.

View-Master Collection

Then there is us.

Vintage Glassware Collection
We purchase what we love. Our decorating 'style' is to squeeze new pieces into our apartment without tripping on them.

Multicolored Spaghetti Swag Lamp
Take this multicolored spaghetti swag lamp. We hoped to display it proudly in our living room to only find something else we liked better. It now hangs in our laundry room of have nots. It does create a festive ambiance when I tackle laundry at night. And keeps the pink flamingos we bought for a lawn we don't yet possess company.

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