Sunday, June 2, 2013


It started by accident.

While waiting in line for a toy show in San Jose, CA I stumbled upon a city-wide rummage sale for the Junior League. With an hour to kill before the toy show doors opened I decided to rummage while David held our spot in line. Passing vacuums, clothing and exercise gear, I found myself surrounded by art work. One oil painting caught my eye. It was massive. Bigger than life. In fairly good condition for the age. And only $20.  It was a mid-century masterpiece and had to be mine.

It measured 49x49. And I am barely over 60 inches myself.

Reality hit me and the panic began. How was I going to get it to the car never mind home? David couldn't sacrifice his place in line so I managed to drag this new purchase of mine to the car stopping every few feet to rest my arms.

Then the fun started. I just couldn't fit my new painting in our CRV.

Pressured for time, I strapped it to the roof of the car assuming that someone would steal it before we returned from the toy show. It felt like one of those days.

Luckily, no one touched my massive painting so we started driving home with it still attached to the roof.

Then the paranoia kicked in. I was convinced that my new treasure would dislodge from our car and smack right into a passing car causing the crash of the century.  I would be forever banned from San Jose. And besides we were 50 miles from home.

So we stopped to check on it and found the my premonition was true. All the ties had loosened. After re-strapping it we set off again but this time I watched from the sunroof window with dread. The wind was so fierce that not only did our painting take air, the back of the frame started splitting. I was ready to chuck it onto the side of the road. $20 was not worth the stress or better yet the fine we would receive once spotted by the police.

Then David took matters into his own hands. With shear luck (or better yet, a second pair of hands) he managed to get the painting into the back of our car with room to spare.  Yes, I felt like the biggest loser on the planet but relieved that no deaths were caused by my obsession for cheap art.

Mid Century Oil Painting by Edwards
It now hangs comfortably in our hallway out of everyone's way. 

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