Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Records

I like to listen to this when I get home from work.
J. Martin Kohl - How To Overcome Discouragement

What is the son thinking...?
Music To Live By

I did play this. It wasn't that bad.
The McBrayer Family - Southern Style

Rodney's head is so round, you just want to spin it clockwise.
Rodney Arias - Love Is The Way

I'm going to leave this one alone.
John Baldry - Good To Be Alive

John Baldry - Good To Be Alive (Reverse)

The pinnacle of 60s showmanship and musicality. Google Elva Miller if you don't believe me.
Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits

I wish I had a 12-year-old niece. I would give her this album for her birthday.
A.J. Marshall - There's A Lot Of Livin' In This Old Boy Yet

A.J. Marshall - There's A Lot Of Livin' In This Old Boy Yet (Reverse)

The guy on the right looks sad. Waiting makes him sad.
The Best Of The Seekers

Hair that big makes them look like they're about to topple over.
The Lewis Family - Country Sunday In Georgia

So clean cut, it's sponsored by a company that makes shaving razors.
Up With People!

Nothing sets the little tykes on the path to righteousness like a song about a bayonet to the heart.
Children's Marching Songs

I want to go back in time to the meeting where they came up with the album title and cover design.
Elizabeth Barraclough - Hi

Hey kids, let's make a record.
The Murk Family In Concert

It seemed like such a good idea before.
The Murk Family - Love For All Seasons

You've got to give it all to get Kong's approval.
The Vast Majority - Kong Mania

I don't know. The tennis shoes break the magic spell.
Tupperware's Big Top Jubilee 1978

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