Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Buyer Beware

Bad people don't sell on eBay. Unicorns are real too. Or at least Pollyanna thought so.

With the volume of shopping David and I do we are bound to run into trouble now and then. Our most recent struck of bad luck was a purchase I made on eBay. My short lived claim to fame deflated when eBay spontaneously removed my winning from their website. Their email explanation was vague with a subtle hint not to pay the seller for the paint by number flamingo I just won. What they really said was that I was no longer obligated. I should have listened.

I was contacted privately by email from the seller explaining the misunderstanding with eBay that led to the removal their posting. And of course the painting was mine if I sent them the funds via PayPal right away. Apparently I had the word SUCKER written on my forehead since I sent the money.

A month went by and no artwork arrived on my doorstep.

I was pissed. I emailed the seller. Once, twice, three times. I was fuming. David was preparing to label my forehead.

As I had no recourse with eBay (they warned me after all) I tried my luck and filed a dispute with PayPal. I also notified my credit card company to retract payment.

And with most fairy tales this one had a happy ending. The seller mailed me the painting and sent an apologizing email. He had some lame excuse not worth mentioning.

I can now erase the marking on my forehead.

As Polly would have said - it could have been a hell of a lot worse. This once kitsch icon was mailed to me only wrapped in newspaper.  At least I am not that stupid.

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