Thursday, January 10, 2013

If Only Elephants Could Dance

Who said barware had to be serious? Luckily, Hazel Atlas didn't think so.

Hazel Atlas Dancing Elephants Bar Set
And this elephant winks.

Close-Up of the Dancing Elephants

My Buddy Margaret

Sad, wide-eyed children make me happy.
Boy with Dog

Girl in Yellow Dress

Boy Clown
I have always been drawn to the work of Margaret Keane. Her portraits reminds us that not all childhoods are filled with E tickets at Disneyland. Plus her heroic gesture in court to prove that she not her husband was the master behind her artwork during their divorce proceedings makes me a true fan.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Records

I like to listen to this when I get home from work.
J. Martin Kohl - How To Overcome Discouragement

What is the son thinking...?
Music To Live By

I did play this. It wasn't that bad.
The McBrayer Family - Southern Style

Rodney's head is so round, you just want to spin it clockwise.
Rodney Arias - Love Is The Way

I'm going to leave this one alone.
John Baldry - Good To Be Alive

John Baldry - Good To Be Alive (Reverse)

The pinnacle of 60s showmanship and musicality. Google Elva Miller if you don't believe me.
Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits

I wish I had a 12-year-old niece. I would give her this album for her birthday.
A.J. Marshall - There's A Lot Of Livin' In This Old Boy Yet

A.J. Marshall - There's A Lot Of Livin' In This Old Boy Yet (Reverse)

The guy on the right looks sad. Waiting makes him sad.
The Best Of The Seekers

Hair that big makes them look like they're about to topple over.
The Lewis Family - Country Sunday In Georgia

So clean cut, it's sponsored by a company that makes shaving razors.
Up With People!

Nothing sets the little tykes on the path to righteousness like a song about a bayonet to the heart.
Children's Marching Songs

I want to go back in time to the meeting where they came up with the album title and cover design.
Elizabeth Barraclough - Hi

Hey kids, let's make a record.
The Murk Family In Concert

It seemed like such a good idea before.
The Murk Family - Love For All Seasons

You've got to give it all to get Kong's approval.
The Vast Majority - Kong Mania

I don't know. The tennis shoes break the magic spell.
Tupperware's Big Top Jubilee 1978

Not Your Ordinary Pistol

It started with a tv show that ran for one year. Battlestar Galactica. The year 1978. I was seven and madly in love with Dirk Benedict. A small budget film called Star Wars came out the year prior but it was really my crush on Dirk that sealed the deal. I just had to be a space pirate when I grew up.

David putting ray guns to use
Many moons later it dawned on me that one could not be a space pirate without a ray gun or two.

Various lithograph ray guns
Large, small, rusted, broken. I bought everything that came my way.
The ever changing art mural
As with most of our collections, they have been transformed into an art piece. So if Dirk ever does come by to visit me I am more than ready.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ball Mason Jars

One of the best things I collect are Ball mason jars. That may strike you as odd but they are the most versatile container in our apartment. They hold anything. Well, almost anything. We once tried to store marbles in them. After breaking two jars while transferring marbles into them we claimed the marbles the victor. I just couldn't sacrifice more jars.

Now I just stick with soft or light objects. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Buyer Beware

Bad people don't sell on eBay. Unicorns are real too. Or at least Pollyanna thought so.

With the volume of shopping David and I do we are bound to run into trouble now and then. Our most recent struck of bad luck was a purchase I made on eBay. My short lived claim to fame deflated when eBay spontaneously removed my winning from their website. Their email explanation was vague with a subtle hint not to pay the seller for the paint by number flamingo I just won. What they really said was that I was no longer obligated. I should have listened.

I was contacted privately by email from the seller explaining the misunderstanding with eBay that led to the removal their posting. And of course the painting was mine if I sent them the funds via PayPal right away. Apparently I had the word SUCKER written on my forehead since I sent the money.

A month went by and no artwork arrived on my doorstep.

I was pissed. I emailed the seller. Once, twice, three times. I was fuming. David was preparing to label my forehead.

As I had no recourse with eBay (they warned me after all) I tried my luck and filed a dispute with PayPal. I also notified my credit card company to retract payment.

And with most fairy tales this one had a happy ending. The seller mailed me the painting and sent an apologizing email. He had some lame excuse not worth mentioning.

I can now erase the marking on my forehead.

As Polly would have said - it could have been a hell of a lot worse. This once kitsch icon was mailed to me only wrapped in newspaper.  At least I am not that stupid.

For The Love of Pyrex

It is my dad's fault. If he had allowed me to eat my cereal from his 'special bowl' I would not own all the Pyrex nesting bowls I do today. His new dots orange bowl was off limits. Forbidden. Us kids were reduced to eating out of Tupperware since only grown ups ate from breakable ware.

Some kids can't wait to grow up so they can drive or get drunk, or gamble, or get a low paying job for a sense of freedom.  Me, I just wanted to grow up so I could have cereal from a real Pyrex bowl.

I started collecting Pyrex in my early 20s. My first design was Butterprint (aka the Amish looking one). I was still in my blue phase. Not ready for the big kids table yet.

As my palette matured I started piecing together the primary color set. From nesting bowls to refrigerator containers, the solid colors are now MINE.

For a while the polka dots from my youth haunted me. I knew without the dots I would always be beaten up in the Pyrex schoolyard.

So then I added stripes.