Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Love For Franciscan

Combing flea markets was a family pastime. It was a chance for my parents to walk down memory lane with us kids.

The Starburst pattern of Franciscan pottery always was always a topic for discussion. When my mother's family relocated from NYC to Hollywood in the 50s my grandmother chose this style of dishes to "modernize" their kitchen. Unfortunately my grandmother died young so no one can recall what happened to these modern gems. They were likely sold at a garage sale as most family heirlooms.

When the recession was at its peak, David discovered a Craiglist ad listing 60 pieces of Starburst for sale. We drove north to pick them up from a man who had collected this pattern most of his adult life. He seemed sad to see them go. His wife seemed ecstatic.  I suspect she was excited to have more room for her Ikea dishes.

I have supplemented his collection over the years - adding the Oasis pattern to the mix. As the price of these pieces increase I am not able to buy them as freely as I once used too.

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