Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bullet Planters

Baby Bullet

Turquoise Bullet Planter

Hallway Planter

I got a thing for bullet planters. Growing up in suburbia green stuff lived in backyards. Many summer vacations were spent weeding and pruning. No need for professional help with us kids around.

Despite my mother's green thumb only cut flowers were allowed indoors. Even if my mother received a plant as a gift, it always found a home outside. We had windows after all.

Once I moved to the big city things changed. My rent controlled apartment looks upon my neighbor's living room. My view is less exciting than Rear Window. Most nights I only make out two heads facing the television. They do, however,  have a nice tall tree that I admire when the light is right.

I have managed to bend the rules by scattering greenery throughout our place.

Deck Planters

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